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Q: Has the TCI OvuLook™ been approved by the United States FDA?

Yes, after five years of clinical studies, the TCI OvuLook™ was cleared by the FDA on December 5, 2001 under the name TCI OvuLook™ Life Long Ovulation Tester – 510(k) NO: K013323. You can visit the FDA’s website at www.fda.gov/cdrh/pdf/k013323.pdf, if you want to view this for yourself.

Q: What do I do if my light doesn’t work?

If your light does not come on when you press the button, try taking the battery out and then putting it back in. If that does not work, order a new battery. For more information, email us at info@ovulook.com, or call toll free 1 866 OVULATION (1 866 688-5284) for more information.

Q: I am trying to get pregnant. When is the best time for intercourse?

To increase your chances of getting pregnant, it is recommended that you have intercourse as soon as you start to see the ferning pattern begin.

Q: Will all women’s ferns look the same?

No, because different women produce estrogen in different amounts, each woman will have her own unique ferning pattern.

Q: How will I know if I am seeing ferns?

For the first several months you use the tester, you may want to use the OvuLook™ for more days than just the fives days around ovulation. That way you will see the different patterns that develop throughout the month and have a clearer understanding of what your ferning patterns look like.

Q: Will I see ferns at other times of the month other than around the time of ovulation?

Some women will, on occasion, see ferns at other times of the month. This is primarily due to a second estrogen surge near the end of your cycle. This is also why you calculate the expected time of ovulation, and look for the ferning patterns then.

Q: Is it all right to use my TCI OvuLook™ Ovulation Tester all month long?

Yes, you may use your tester all month long. Please note the question above and pay particular attention to the patterns that develop around the time of expected ovulation.

Q: Why would it be that I am not seeing any ferns?

There could be several reasons:

  • First, make sure that you have not eaten or drank anything other than water for two hours prior to testing.
  • Second, be sure to swish saliva around in your mouth and gather fresh saliva from the saliva glands under your tongue.
  • Third, you may have miscalculated the time of ovulation. Make sure you have accurately kept track of the length of your complete menstrual cycle and follow the instruction under the section: When do I use my OvuLook™? Recalculate how long your menstrual cycle was and repeat the testing next month.
  • Fourth, your body may not be producing enough estrogen. If you think this is the case, please consult your physician.

Q: I am seeing ferns all the time. Why is that?

A small percentage of women produce a high amount of estrogen all month long. One reason this could be is because these women are not producing enough progesterone. If you think this is true in your case, please consult your doctor or health care provider.

Q: What else could interfere with my test results?

If you become pregnant, or have recently been pregnant, or have reached menopause, or have just stopping taking birth control pills, or taking injections for birth control. This would also be true if you are taking hormone replacement therapy, such as supplemental estrogen.

Q: How long before the fern will disappear off the slides?

If the slides are kept in a dry environment, the slides will keep their ferning patterns for many months.

Q : I am trying to be come pregnant. Should I use any other types of ovulation detection, such as a LH kit?

Although the OvuLook™ is very accurate, if you are trying to become pregnant, you may use as many kinds of ovulation testing as you would like.

Q: How can I buy more TCI OvuLook™ Tester replacement disks?

To order new disks with a new brush and battery, call toll free 1 866 OVULATION (1 866 688 5284) for more information or click here to order now.

Q: May I clean my disk and use it over again?

Cleaning your disk is not recommended because it may leave watermarks that might interfere with your reading. Also, you will no longer have a record of your saliva patterns if you erase them. If you choose to clean your disk, clean each individual lens area with a new cotton swab dipped in a small amount of alcohol and dry the lens with a dry cotton swab.

Q : Is my TCI OvuLook™ guaranteed?

Yes! At any time during the first sixty days after purchasing the TCI OvuLook™, for any reason, you may return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Q : How accurate is the TCI OvuLook™Ovulation Tester?

In consumer studies, the TCI OvuLook™ Ovulation system was 98% accurate in predicting ovulation within a 48 hour time period on either side of ovulation as determined by the LH surge. The table below shows the percentages of women in the TCI study who saw ferning on each day of the 5-day testing window. Day 0 is the presumed day of ovulation.

Cycle Day Day -2 Day -1 Day -0 Day +1 Day +2
Ferning Frequency 20% 27% 28% 9% 8%

Q : Were any women excluded from the OvuLook™ Tester studies?

Yes, women who had had the following conditions were excluded from the TCI OvuLook™ Tester studies. Women who:

  • had a partial ovariectomy.
  • were taking hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives within 6 months.
  • used topical hormone creams within 2 months.
  • wore an IUD, except the copper version with no drug delivery system .
  • had active or chronic oral lesions.
  • had vision that could not be corrected to 20/20 vision with glasses or contact lens.

Q: How do I clean and care for my OvuLook™?

Do not allow the OvuLook™ to get wet. The unit has a built in light, a replaceable battery and electronic circuitry, and moisture might damage the tester. It is important to put your OvuLook™ in the enclosed storage bag and in a drawer when not in use. Dust or airborne particles may fall on it, making the saliva patterns difficult to read.

Also, please remember that mist or steam from a shower or bathroom can erase or distort the ferning patterns. Please keep your TCI OvuLook™ Tester in its storage bag and in a drawer when not in use. The saliva applicator is a standard dental brush. It can be used for many months. You should replace the applicator when it shows signs of wear. Contact TCI toll-free at 1 866 OVULATION (866 688-5284).

Q. How do I change the battery in my OvuLook™ Tester?

With normal use, your battery should last at least a year. If you do need a new battery, simply open the case and remove the round tracking disk. Then, push the old battery out using the tip of a pen. Replace it with the same type of battery.

To order new disks, brush, and battery, please order here, or email us at info@ovulook.com, or call toll free 1-866-OVULATION (1-866-688-5284) for more information.


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